Webinar #2: The Resistance of the Frozen Middle and How to Unleash Them

In a world of constant transformation, it’s the people in the middle of organizations who struggle the most.  With more work and fewer resources, they are often confused about the future, struggling with the challenge of managing up to their bosses and managing down to their people, and often lack the skills necessary to retool themselves moving forward.  

Sometimes the increasing stress and burnout and the fear of losing their jobs can dominate their lives and paralyze them in their roles. The dilemma is how to show them compassion for what they are going through, while still moving the organization towards growth and transformation.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The most common symptoms of the Frozen Middle
  • How to reengage your people and melt their resistance
  • Tools to help you and your team unleash the spirit of the Middle and optimize their health and performance